Ultimate tips to increase game fps 2020

Ultimate tips to increase game fps

Tired of shitty Frames per second , Here is a fix for all your problems and increase game fps –

Know your specs

First things first,take some time to reseach your pc , if you are one of those types who had never even open your system properties then you should mind opening it and ATLEAST see your ram and processor.

For this you need to –

  • Right click on my computer
  • Click on properties
  • Then it will open a window containing all your crucial information.
ultimate tips to increase game performance
  • Now press Windows + r
  • Type in dxdiag
  • go to Render – Here it will show your gpu specs.
Ultimate tips to increase game fps 2020 1

After you have known your pc’s worth, have differentiated your pc into a good pc or a potato pc and matched your pc specs to minimum specs of the game , You can open the game .

Update your drivers

When it comes to gaming , always make sure that you keep all of your hardware drivers Up – to Date , Especially your graphics drivers, Because many a times Developers found ultimate software and release update for your your gpu which magically increases fps from 10 to directly 60 ( I’m not kidding ) .

For more information regarding updating your drivers visit your manufacturers site .

Kill your windows

When it comes to killing windows , You don’t have to use your shotgun . Instead All you have to do is

  • Right on My computer and go to properties .
  • Then go to Advanced system settings ( search on the left side )
  • Choose performance – settings
increase game performance
Select adjust for best performance option During gaming
and switch it back to normal after your gaming session had ended .

Kill your startup background services

  • For this go to search and search for task manager
  • Or press CTRL + SHIFT + ESC
  • click on more details, It should look like this ,
Ultimate tips to increase game fps 2020 2
  • After you have opened , Go to startup tab
  • Then disable Unnecessary services that you don’t want to open automagically when you start your pc .
  • This will improve your startup times and will free more memory

In game life – savers

Now we have learnt enough tweaking to Successfully start our game .

Often it is seen that the settings that most affect your gaming performance is resolution and shadows ( In most games )

So my suggestion is to lower down your settings in case you have terribly bad fps like 15 fps in 1920 x 1080 (mid shadows) can improve to 30fps in 1366 x 786 ( low shadows ) , However if you are a Graphics guy and won’t willing to sacrifice then , consider to find some alternate graphics affecting settings like ambient occulusion , post processing , Extended draw distance , motion blur and depth of field .

Always choose the options that suit your needs and don’t fear Using trial and error to find your best settings

To change graphics settings , open the game and head for main menu , select settings and try to look for graphics settings or video settings and don’t hesitate to look for advance settings or more settings if it exists in your game .

Visit developer forums

In case your pc specs match to the minimum or recommended specs and still your High end pc is running like a 2 year old child , consider visiting developer forums like steam or nvidia ones.

Try to search for your problem in those forums , In case you have a broken setting like – your gaming is running 60fps with all graphics options on high except one option off and when you on that option , Your fps is like 10 – 15 , then report the developers about these problems on this forums so that they can see those issues and try to fix a patch for this minor bugs.

Bonus – because i love you .

Here is another magical hack to increase your fps . you have to follow this steps once you have on your game and have paused .

  • Go to task manager
  • Go to details tab
  • Find your game name
  • after finding , right click and set priority to high .(don’t set it to realtime and it may badly affect your pc health )
Ultimate tips to increase game fps 2020 3

If the tips worked for you consider commenting it so that others can Know .

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