Top most expensive upcoming phones 2020

I know, if you are a tech geek or interested in tech , you will be naturally curious about this topic , thats why i made a list of the best upcoming phones to Satisfy your curiousity also to gain more page views( thats obvious ) .

So without wasting your much time let’s jump into it –

Iphone 12 series

                                           Price : around $750

Perhaps Everybody knows that apple follows a ritual to release a iphone every year in the month of september so why will they break it this year !

Also seen previously they added three cameras with which kinded looked like a gas stove ,So this year they decided to make it even a bigger GAS STOVE and might add 4 cameras !, but don’t completely trust me as they are unpredictable and that makes them apple . Also chances are they are going to add Oled display 5g and better design(that will look similar to previous one but better ) .

the thing that makes it the most awaited phone of the year is its company logo

.top upcoming phones 2020

Asus ROG phone 3

                                        Price : around $900 – $1000

If you are a specs guy or a gamer and is looking for something which can satisfy your High Graphics and High performance needs . This is the deal for you . This Kool looking thing can run your game in brilliance .

With the latest snapdragon processor , 6100mah battery and gitty design , It easily becomes one of the most anticipated gaming phone of this year .

top upcoming phones 2020

Oneplus 8 series

                                       Price around $400 – $600

Just like everyone else on the planet , The flagship killer Oneplus is also going to release its phone sometime before the new iphone probably mid june – july.

This year’s oneplus is going to use The snapdragon 865 processor along with punch hole display (everybody want to copy samsung ) Rest , the design will be pretty same like the oneplus 7 pro with minor improvements . Also there can be a oneplus 8 lite this year with mid hole camera ( sounds cool right ).

top upcoming phones 2020

Nokia 9.2 pureview

                                          Price around $1000

Nokia 9.2 pureview , also known as Nokia 9.2 pureview 5g ( pretty cool name ), This phone was gonna launch as early as february but cancelled due to health problems .

While others are just copying, Now Nokia seems to be doing pretty much the Innovation , as pureview 9.2 might come with underdisplay selfie camera (yes you read it write ) and will be powered by snapdragon 865 , With God knows how many cameras (5 or 5+), Making it pretty a power pack deal for nokia fans .

It is seeming like nokia might take back its legacy ( assumption only ).

top upcoming smartphones 2020

Huawei p40 series

                                         Price around $1000 – $1200

Pretty much it seems like Huawei is also on the run ,after their great loss ,with its Nanotech ceramic coating skin , and 90hz refresh rate display, with the 3 phones of the series featuring both triple , quad and penta setups in cameras obviously.

The main thing always associated with the p series is its camera setups , as noted by the earlier p30s excellent camera setup , This years phone is going to be even more amazing .

top upcoming phones 2020

More phones include oppo findx2 , vivo v19 , mi mix 10 series .

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