Summer fashion trends of 2020 – What to wear this summer ?

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As you know, summer is coming and this year the summer fashion had taken a great leap with many varietes available for you that will definitely get you in confusion that what to wear or what not to, But don’t worry, we are here giving you the best advice for basic trendy clothing this summer picked by influencers and specialists themselves .

In this blog, we had made a list of the most cool men summer fashion trends of 2020 especially for men ( sorry girls ) that includes –

Tee’s, trousers, denims, shirts, outwear, footwear and of course accessories that will help you to look more cool in this hot season. ( ofcourse you deserve to be attractive )

summer outfits for men

In the below descriptions we’ll try to make them brief and simple that will help you to understand it more better and will give you some ideas about what to wear.


t shirts for this summer

If you want to remain cool in the warm climate you need some basics Tee’s .

According to the trends of 2020, you have many types of t-shirts available like polos, stripped Tee’s, long/Short sleeves, turtle neck, statement t-shirts, Mandarin collar t-shirts and oversized are in trend these days.

Just when you’re going for shopping remember to pick a t-shirt of neutral colors and of light material, cotton is best for this because it looks cool and feel cool . see more tee-shirts for this summer


summer shirts men

As you know shirts are in trend for every seasons but in case of summer you need something different, you should pick up a neutral coloured shirt with a light material,

In our opinion you should prefer linen and cotton shirts for this summer. And if you’re bored of your old plain shirts you should go for printed shirts with polka dots or floral print (this is my fav and it’s trendy also) you can pair these shirts with shorts which will make a bomb combination this summer. ( especially in beaches )


men summer shorts

Shorts are a essential part of summer fashion which can paired up with shirts as well as t-shirts for a casual look. In the field of shorts, I have 3 best options for you to choose:

  • Chino shorts- these are the best type of shorts you can go for. They have taken a bold turn in the recent years which will definitely make you look different from the crowd.
  • Athletic shorts- nowadays athletic shorts are not only limit to gyms of sports you can wear them for your comfort and it will add value to your looks.
  • Denim shorts- I think these are the least preferred shorts nowadays but they are just bomb buy yourself a light ripped denim short they will look good.


men summer trousers

In this growing world of fashion you have a lot of choices when it comes to Denims or trousers and out of these great variety of options I have some basic ideas for you to choose between them. The preferred items for you are:

Light denim jeans- these are actually the best streetwear for this summer 2020 which is in trends till recent years. You should buy a ripped light denim jeans which will really rock this summer, black jeans are also a good investment in clothes because it can be paired up with any color.

Chinos- If talking about comfort here comes your best item that will make you feel comfortable and cool even in the summer heat. Buy chinos of light-weight material made for warm weather and in my opinion white Chinos are the best for this summer.


men summer shoes

Hey all the sneakerheads out there, In the recent years the shoe culture had an exponential higher growth which in turn had given us a lot of trendy sneakers but out of all these I have the most basic design for you to go with this summer which are trendy like –

Pastel sneakers which have been recently seen wore by famous basketball celebrities and your favorite Justin Bieber. Other type of sneakers which is in trend are the white leather sneakers which suits best for this hot summer and it can work with any summer outfit. And if you want to buy this I prefer you to buy white sneakers from vans you can also get them from reebok 85 club series. ( no affilate marketing here )

Loafers are also something good for this summer. For the trendy looks in summer you should go for sliders as compared to flip flops which will definitely add some value to your chill casual looks.

And if talking about socks which should be wear with this shoes you should go for a no-show or mid-calf socks of some neutral colors, grey is better in my opinion.

The best brands to buy these types of shoes are UNB, Fila, Nike and off-white.

Pro tip – Always choose the best, In the short term they might be expensive but in the long term , They are definitely worth it.


men summer outwears

Here comes my favorite part of the outfit because it adds some spark in out regular clothing, it enhances our looks and adds a finishing touch.

Talking about that we have some choices for you that will probably add some volume to you “skinny guys” but we’re talking about summer fashion so the material of the clothing should be lighter than that of heavy jacket’s.

Bomber jackets- For that cool and awesome look, we prefer you to get a bomber jacket but a thin one and of something neutral color, I advise you to buy a bomber jacket of cream colour.

Denim jacket’s- denim jacket’s are also a good investment on your clothing which will make your any outfit look outstanding, they are also a good option. For buying denim jacket I prefer you to buy it from Levi’s, ASOS and Gap.


men summer accessories
johnny depp

It’s truly said that “accessories can really make or break your outfit”. Accessories not only make your look perfect, but every accessories decorates your body part. Thus it is important to wear the right type of accessories this summer that will enhance your looks. Some of the best accessories you should go for are :

Bracelets- wearing a bracelet is a part of fashion. Many men wear bracelets to stand apart from the crowd, or to get noticed easily. Therefore getting a right type of bracelet for you is very important and in this case I prefer you to get these bracelets from H&M.

Sunglasses- For protecting your eyes from the burning sun this summer you need sunglasses, it also looks cool and according to trends you should get a metal sunglasses, round vintage sunglasses, D-Frame sunglasses, oversized aviators sunglasses, Flat-brow sunglasses and there are many more.

CAPS/HATS – Caps also look cool on summer plus it protects you from harsh sunlight too. If you are that playboy type who likes to rock every club with a cap on , Then we will suggest something like snapback caps or trucker hats with cool logos or designs.

Cross-body bags- These are the another trendy thing which 2020 has brought. They are comfortable to carry, distributing the weight of the bag on both sides of your body. They are particularly useful when traveling. They make us look out of the crowd and more fashionable.

After following these tips, you are ready to make your friends jealous by looking the best and unique of your kind.

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