Who will be the richest man after this decade? (2030)

The race to be the richest always goes on, Now, Jeff bezos being at the top, Will he be able to maintain his position or someone entirely new would conquer the world? and become the richest man after this decade, yeah Conquering the world and becoming the richest now do not have much difference

While to know the answer one would require to study astrology, But who has the time , Therefore We have decided to provide you with the answers, Not by astrolgy but by statistics and foresight .

The most probable candidates are

  • Elon musk
  • Bill gates
  • jeff bezos
  • bernanrd arnault

Elon musk

elon musk

Starting with Elon musk, He is the CEO of Tesla and spaceX. The two giant tech companies which are expected to define our lives in the future.

First let us look about Elon’s current income, He is now worth roughly around $35 Billion dollars and his assumed annual income is around 10$ billion dollars, He earned about $17 Billions in 2019-2020. So If he moves like now, His income is supposed to be 35 + 10*10 = $135 Billion dollar something, Which is still huge.

However, This is just a assumption as in the world of finance anything can happen in an instant,Maybe he can amass $100 Billions in just 1 year or suddenly tesla become bankrupt and he lost Everything

To become the richest man, Elon needs to Grow Tesla 6 times to what it is worth now, Which can Only be possible with Investments in huge markets Like China and India.

Assuming that He succeeds in doing that, We can see him as the richest man in 2030 . Currently he has made investments in china but as other electric car companies are actively building to compete against tesla, He still has a long way to go with tesla.

Another way he can be the worlds richest man is through SpaceX, but which is likely to succeed at being enough profitable at the end of this decade.

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Bill gates

bill gates

Probably the most famous Entrepreneur who held the title of the worlds richest man for more than 20 years. He currently now possess around 100$ billion dollars as of 2020 , Assuming that he stopped donating towards charity and start focussing solely on getting rich, he can be the worlds richest man again maybe in 5 – 6 years.

His net income is around 11$ billion per year. Even though he can be the richest man , He is aged 64 years and at this age it is rather difficult to say how much time will someone last.

So , keeping charity in mind we are pretty sure that he is bored from the title of the richest and won’t compete in this race.

Jeff bezos

jeff bezos

The current richest man with net worth of $142 billions as of 2020 , even after divorce. His net income is around a whopping more than $50 billion dollars a year, Making it hard for anyone to compete against this fella for the title of the richest man.

After the End of the decade , His assumed net worth is around 140 + 50*10 = around $640 billion dollars . Yes, you read it read, Seeing amazons this fast growth , It is not too hard to assume this guy can even be a trillionaire in the near future.

Bernanrd Arnault

richest man after this decade

He is the Ceo of a french fashion company namely LVMH or Louis Vuitton Moët Hennessy, (Its hard to pronounce so leave it) .

His net worth is currently around $107 billion dollars, and he is the only probable guy who can take down jeff bezos.

Other than every other entrepreneur in this list who are associated with tech , he is the only fashion and art guy here. Keeping in mind that if people suddenly became too fashionable and artistic, He is sure to become the world’s richest man by the end of this decade.

But the major setback here is, He is more of an offline guy , In this online world. So Here also, It is pretty hard for him to compete against money making bezos.


Keeping each and every condition in mind , It is sure that jeff bezos will retain his position.However, Elon musk can also play ahead , If he gets successful in his mars mission and tesla becomes a Global manufacturer.

While it is a known fact that it in reality things are different than they seem to be online and maybe jeff bezos or elon is going through trouble, Even the most unsensible things can also become true like entering of someone entirely new in the competition.( probably chinese or indian )

Therefore statistics and predictions can only be made on the basis of known facts and to know the exact future is a thing which can only be learned through astrology.

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