11 practical ways to become a pro pubg player.

Talking about pubg mobile,it has become one of the most trending survival games in the mobile gaming industry. One of the main reasons behind its success is its controls and its difficulty.

So if you are determined to become a pro pubg player, then you have come at the right place. I’ll share with you some tips and tricks you can practice to finally achieve your aim of becoming a pubg pro player. Don’t think that my tricks won’t work as i have collected all information from several conqueror players (they told me not to reveal their names) who excel at their task. The key points I’ll discuss are as follows –

  • Improve your movements
  • Identify your playing style
  • Always remain focused
  • Master gyroscope
  • Join tdm matches
  • Learn from youtubers
  • Use claw more than thumb
  • Learn to take tpp
  • Take care of your phone
  • Be fearless
  • Take calculated risks

How to improve movements in pubg mobile?

When it comes to survival games,the most important thing that distinguish you between noob and pro are your movements. For improving movements the first step you have to do is to go to the practice room and try to aim at the moving targets by constantly moving and jumping at the same time.

for taking example, Pro pubg players always remain careful of their movements even if no players are in their sight just to avoid any snipers from getting them headshots and get chicken dinners.

Another example is pubg pro players always jump continuously to avoid headshots during rushing in front of enemies.

pubg mobile

All these movements take weeks to master, But when mastered can make you invincible and decrease your kill rate drastically. These little things are what differentiate between noobs and pros.

Identify your playing style

In terms of playing style, I have explained in terms of 2 categories

Tactics- In this category, identify whether you are good at rushing, sniping , stealth and attack (camping) or giving cover to your squad. Take your time and you will observe it. Once you found it, master that category.

Finger style- There are specific patterns in which you can hold your fingers during playing. Each pattern has it’s own perks and I will give you a detailed analysis about each style below.

2 finger hold

pubg 2 finger

In this style, you play with 2 fingers basically 1 with thumb and 1 with index finger, Game’s basic controls is designed for 2 fingers hold making it default style for noobs.

This type of style is not meant for you if you are on a journey to become a pro player. This style is better suited on sniping with scope on from a distance.

3 finger hold

This is the next stage of 2 finger hold, meant for most pro players. This style is perfectly suited for close combats and rushing with gyroscopes on.

Though it takes a lot of time to master, but is definitely worth it.

4 finger hold

pubg 4 finger

It is the hardest to learn and the best style to learn. My advice is don’t just switch directly from 2 fingers to 4 fingers but learn to use 3 fingers first as it is extremely hard to master 4 finger hold.

Even though this style is suited for every tactical style, The most beneficial is medium and close range combat .

Always remain focused

scope in pubg

Remaining focused is also a key factor in making you pubg pro. Even though you can’t spot enemies near you, the enemy might be watching you so always try to move constantly and focus on each of your 4 directions.

Master gyroscope


If you are a complete noob and wondering what is gyroscope just go to your pubg settings, turn it on and experience yourself.

If you want to be a pro amd reach conqueror, It is a mandatory practice to learn to use gyroscope as it helps you to aim a lot better.

You can master gyroscope by joining more and more tdm matches.

Join tdm matches

tdm matches in pubg

Team death match or tdm is designed so that you can practice for better aiming without losing your rank points.

The more tdm you play, The more experience you gain and the more closer you come to becoming a pro.

Learn from youtubers

If you want to be a top notch pro, it is a good practice to watch and learn from other pro pubg players at youtube.

According to some research watching someone better than you can also improve your skills.

Use claw more than thumb

While playing pubg, using your claw more than thumb also improves your speed. As thumb might aim better but it is relatively slow as compared to claw. Over time with enough practice you can perfect your claw aim and can finally become a pro pubg player.

Some problems might arise during using claw in ios 13, to fix it watch this video

Learn to take tpp

pubg pro player

Tpp is simply referred to as taking cover, so during pubg, taking cover is also an important aspect to avoid being killed. While taking cover during enemy fights, Always make sure that enemies aren’t using grenades or are able to see you from any angle.

While firing back at your enemy, always use peak and never show your full body. Master peaking at tdm and always cook your grenades before throwing them.

Always remember- Surviving is more important than killing enemies.

Take care of your phone

phone burning

Always take care of your phone and your eyes too. Pro players do not play when their phones become hot and rich players simply switch phones.

Playing when phone is hot can cause drastic reduction in fps and can also cause explosions in some cases.

Be fearless

Being fearless also has it’s own set of perks as it increases confidence. If you find your enemy to be more skilled than you, Fear of death arises, It’s those who keep this fear aside and play calmly are whom known as real pro pubg players.

Take calculated risks

pro pubg player

While saying calculated risks, I refer to making strategies and not just opening up in front of enemies.

In case your enemies are camping in a house, a noob would simply go inside and die, but a pro will first use grenades to lure enemies out and then kill them. This is known as making strategies.

Also, if your squad member is knocked and enemies are still roaming around, a pro would first try to kill the enemies and then revive his teammates instead of dieing while reviving teammates in case of noobs.

Practice all these tips and you are sure to become a pro pubg player.

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