Best upcoming games 2020

“If you are a gamer then you must play the games in the list below when they are released, It is like our religion! “

Here is a list of the best upcoming games of 2020 , Enjoy gamers –

1 Cyberpunk 2077

platform : ps4 , pc , xbox one and google stadia

Being developed by CD Projekt Red , This game is surely going to set the market on fire when it will be released in 17 September 2020.The story being set on future,with Stunning graphics,this game has already took so long to develop and will finally release this year.

The teaser was launched on as early as 2013 and will finally be launched this year,This makes it the most awaited game of the decade. I know you cannot wait to play this game but have PATIENCE.

If you need tips to optimize your pc for this game Click here

cyberpunk 2077

2 Resident evil 3 remake nemesis

platform : ps4 , xbox one and pc

Although this is a remake of residental evil 3 Nemesis Which released on 1999,This will be a 2020 game,So you can easily guess the graphics.Being a capcom game ensures that it will be a big hit and thus easily gain its position on my list.

I know some of you might not be familiar with residential evil series but the group of fans is much larger and thus making it hard for me to ignore them , i mean even UNCLES are waiting for this game.

resident evil 3

3 Ori and wii of the wisps

platform : Xbox one and pc

If you are a fan of 2.5d games,then this is the perfect choice for you.Being the sequel to the popular “Ori and the blind forest (2015)”, It will ensure that it will sell well and thus making it one of the most anticipated game of the year and earn a position in my list.

best upcoming games 2020

4 Watchdogs Legion

platform: ps4, xbox and pc

Watchdogs Series has gained popularity over this decade as a Third Person Hacking game,Personally I am also a big fan of watchdogs and can’t wait for the release of watchdogs Legion.The greatest and latest innovation of This new watchdogs is that you can play as anyone in the city.Yes! this makes it one of the coolest and most anticipated games of 2020.

It has now already released in the month of march

watchdogs legion

5 Final Fantasy VII Remake

Platform: likely to be ps5 or xbox x series

This will be released in about 3rd march.It is a reimagination of the iconic Mind Blowing Action role playing Final fantasy 7 in Stunning and breath taking Look. Gamers just can’t wait to play this game and i believe so are you.

Uncles Who were 15 years old when they first played this series are also DYING to play this game as this series is running from than 30 years+ .

final fantasy 17 remake

6 The last of us – 2

As the first part was a superhit and was liked by both the players and critics, The last of us part 2 is also going to release this year packing all of the fun of the previous part and paving way for more games in the future to continue the series.

The game was due to be published in february 2020 but due to lack of quality and other reasons the publisher naughty dog decided to delay it to mid 2020 probably between may and june.

  • best upcoming games 2020
  • best upcoming games 2020

Other games include Journey to the savage lands, Persona 4, Minecraft dungeons,Wasteland 3,New world,Zombie army 4,Dreams,One punch man,and Marvel avengers.

Recently The launching of many games is being delayed by the novel coronavirus as development team is unable to work freely, so you also try to prevent yourselves by this deadly virus outbreak at any cost so that we prevent loss of lives and contain this virus .

If you are patiently wating for any of these games to release, please tell me in the comments section.


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