AWESOME places to study in India after 10th

Awesome places to study in India after 10th

If you are a student and are planning to go out . then you have come to the right place , in this post i will tell you about the best cities to study in India ,

 You might have heard some names from your friends or family but you might not know about it in detail so if you are doing your research read it thouroughly and note down the cities you like , tell me in the comment if there are other cities you know about .

“Take a look on the most brilliant educational sites in India”-


Perhaps Everybody might have heard of this city,Being Rajasthan’s third Biggest city, It shares unique priviledge of Being blessed with tons of coaching centres with top notch Facilities making it one of the best places to crack in Competitive exams,But coaching centres are rumoured to force students which makes it a place for those of whom aim is to only crack exams and nothing else.

Every year more than 10 lakh (1 million+) students come Kota to study, Making it “The student city” of India. Best coaching centres in kota are – 

AWESOME places to study in India after 10th 1
The kota barrage


A great place to live, A great place to learn. Famous for internationally recognised boarding schools which are best in india. This town above 400m from the sea level posses a British kind of feeling to live in. Beautiful sunsets,Cold winter,a wonderful place to learn in.Studying in this town will ensure best in class education all over India.

Apart from dehradun,Surrounding hill stations like Mussorie also have some of the finest Boarding schools in India. I would not recommend this for people who are not used to live on Harsh climates of hill stations where in a year there is 8 months of winter.Children often get sick easily within 2 months of their living. best schools in dehradun , himachal pradesh are 

AWESOME places to study in India after 10th 2
top view of famous hill station mussoorie in India


This Prosperous city,also know as the silicon valley of India,has also started to emerge as a Educational hub, Providing World class Education and facilities to all students. A number of world class Schools are Present in this city.

 Apart from this,This city is also blessed with mixed cuisines from both North and South India,So if you are also a Tongue guy(foodie),I would recommend this city to you. best schools in bangalore are 

AWESOME places to study in India after 10th 3


The Adventurus coastal city,Built on the side of The bay of Bengal,also plays its role as a prominient education hub of India. With the presence of World class Educational institues as well as coaching institutes,this place is comfortable for both boarding as well as for competititve exams.

Apart from that it is also a porting and exporting city,with presence of many industrial activities throughout the city giving opportunities for the students to learn. best shools in visakhapatnam are

AWESOME places to study in India after 10th 4
The awesome beach in vizag


Famous for its pleasant climate as well as Delicious cuisine, This place also has some of the best educational institutions in India.This type of place is best suited for North Indians who do not wish to face the Cuisine of the south as well as cold of the North.

It is also one of the cleanest cities of India. best schools in indore are –

AWESOME places to study in India after 10th 5
The daly college


Moving on in my list , the nizam city of hyderabad is also one of the best cities to study in India . Famous for its biryani , This city is also now an important tech capital and an emerging educational capital for both school and coachings. some of the best instituitions in hyderabad are – 

AWESOME places to study in India after 10th 6
the char minar


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