9 things to do this Earth day – earth day activities 2020

Hey there, happy earth day 2020 to you all. This is the day when we have to demonstrate our support for environmental protection. This is celebrated in more than 193 countries.

Now talking about the theme of the Earth day 2020 is Climate action. This is an enormous challenge but also see the vast opportunities. Climate change represents the biggest challenge to the future of humanity and the life-support system that make our world habitable.

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One day you can do it too


As you’ll know that due to this huge outbreak of coronavirus, we cannot do much for our mother nature by going out like cleaning beaches and picking up plastic wastes.

But if you’re determined you can make a change by sitting at your homes. this is what you all can do for contributing to our nature sitting at your homes –

Plant a tree

As we’re bound to maintain social distance and cannot go outta our homes, we can do something for nature by planting a tree in our gardens or backyards and also by spreading awareness on social sites and to your friends for planting a tree at their homes.

No effort can be as good as plating a tree this earth day!

earth day activities

Give up chewing gum

I’m seriously saying that you should give up chewing gums because it is made from a synthetic rubber, which is plastic. Because around 100,000 tonnes of this plastic is thrown away every year, and a lot of it ends up on our streets.

Always remember plastic is non-biodegradable and is hard to decompose which is transforming our God given planet into a giant trash can.

Bored during quarantine , Here is what to do

Spread awareness online

Today being apart from others means more attached on social network than ever before, so the best thing you can do is to spread awareness on social network that will surely contribute to the self Awakening of the citizens.

And bit by bit it will develop a sense of enlightenment towards environment in citizens.

Turn off the lights

You guys really don’t care about switching off the lights when leaving the room. So please develop a habit of doing it when not in a room saves energy and money.

Doing this on a massive scale can compound on a global level and produce massive declines in carbon emissions worldwide.

Stop using air conditioners

Air conditioners also have a huge impact on environment . They consume a enormous amount of electricity that can affect both the environment and your bank balance.

You might feel like they are good for environment as they cool your surroundings but at the same time they also release equal amount of heat through blowers and also HFCs ( a new type of greenhouse gas ).

Throw a picnic in your backyard-

I know you all are bored sitting at homes doing nothing so this is something fun for you, if you want to have your lunch break somewhere fun and different this is it.

Also this will establish your connection with mother nature.

Close the taps

Whenever you’ll see running taps just close, do this promise this Earth day. Even if you feel like doing this won’t do much to the environment, Just think that if everyone start saving even 1 litre of water everyday, Will there be 7 billion litres saved? which is still something as compared to before.

Always remember tiny drops of water made our oceans this big today.

Build birdhouse or bird feeder

This Earth day share your home with all of the Earth’s creatures by building birdhouse or bird feeder out of some recycled materials like plastics bottle, tubs, old cardboard box or milk jug, to help your local birds population.

Birds are also responsible for the survival of our species as they eat insects and help build forests by pooping ( i am serious as their poops often contain seeds). So next time you see a bird pooping , Be grateful as our Earth is being SAVED. Here is how to make a birdfeeder


This Earth day spread positive vibes in the society with you kindness and sympathy for other living organisms.

Just a reminder: this Earth day do something for the nature by sitting at your home. Don’t recognize this lockdown as your limitation you can do anything and everything for your environment by just being at your home Don’t forget the rules of social distancing. Contribute to this day by spreading awareness and organizing some social network events on Earth day.

One more important thing. Share this blog with with your friends and family and tell them to follow some of these measures for making our Earth beautiful once again.

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