9 Best video calling apps right now

In this times of quarantine and lockdown caused due to coronavirus, Many people are stuck at their home. Due to this economy is struggling a lot, and the most damage is done to physical entrepreneurs .

So, a new era of working from home arises and many people are searching for good video calling apps, therefore we have come with a list of the best mobile video conversations apps you can use for both personal and professionally purposes, some of the best video calling apps and video conferencing apps are –

  • Zoom
  • Google duo
  • Apple facetime
  • Skype
  • whatsapp messenger
  • google meet
  • jitsi
  • Hike messenger
  • webEx meetings

Zoom – overall most trending

One app that gained the most exposure during these times of quarantine is without question zoom.



User friendly and easy to use
Multi platform and good quality
Highly customizable
Conference call and screen sharing


Costs extra money for big businesses apart from this is free to use
Needs a stable and good internet connection
Sometimes audio lags

Quick review

It is a super easy to use , multiplatform video calling app that has gained a lot if exposure due to it’s good user interface. If you are a big business searching for some professional online chatting app, then this is perfect for you. However, zoom isn’t the best for personal use as it consumes a lot of data.

Click here, If you are looking for tips for better video calling

Google duo

Google duo is best suited for android. So, if you are on android and looking for an app to help you video chat with your friends and family, then this is the best pick for you.

google duo


  • Offers upto 1080p video calls and is free to use
  • Good user interface


  • Consumes a lot of data and need good connection
  • some users find it confusing

Quick review

Even though it has cons, its pros far outweighs the cons. It is also considered one of the best video calling apps of the mobile platform. Google duo is also available in the apple store.

Apple facetime

Possibly the best video calling app for rich guys ( apple users ).

best video calling apps


  • Offers upto 1080p video quality
  • free to use
  • Easy to use


  • available only in iPhones!
  • consumes a lot of data

Quick review

When it comes to video quality, it excels google duo but in terms of data consumption, Google duo is slightly better. So if you’re on iphone you should definitely put it to practice.


Skype is a chatting app featuring all kinds of chatting including text, voice call and video calls.



  • Multiplatform
  • Fair user interface


  • Quality is not that great
  • has a limit on group video calls

Quick review

In case you are using windows, skype is a good option if you are not using zoom, as it is developed especially for windows.The quality might not be great but it doesn’t consume as data too.

WhatsApp messenger


The most famous texting app also made it in our list after successfully implementing cool features like free voice call and video calls.


  • very low data consumption rate
  • good interface
  • end to end encryption


  • not fit for business
  • no conferencing

Quick review

While whatsapp might be good for personal use, It was not made for business use. So, if you live in less developed regions of the world with slow internet, you can still video call with whatsapp.

Google meet

A worthy competitor to zoom.

google meet


  • Free to use with add on premium features on money
  • Good for phone calls especially for businesses
  • gmail server integration and record


  • Only gmail email addresses are allowed
  • problem sending multimedia

Quick review

Overall it is a good choice with clean User interface, good quality calls , fast and responsive suiting the business type.

It is also good for online school sessions and it also displays emails and chat lists.

Jitsi meet

An open source project developed by a student in France. It is best recommended for schools.

jitsi meet


  • Open source and fully customizable
  • Works even in slow internet
  • Can chat without making an account
  • Superb privacy
  • cross platform


  • Allows only 75 participants
  • not good support for android
  • Little bit confusing UI

Quick review

The fact that jitsi is open source is enough to satisfy most users as they can tweak it as per their wish. This app can be used for video conferencing for medium scale like meetings in schools and offices.


It is an emerging chatting and calling app with cool emojis.

hike app


  • Works even in 3G connection
  • Excellent UI
  • Good hike emojis


  • low privacy
  • less security

Quick review

Hike is a good choice with those with slow internet connection and still wish to video chat with others. Apart from video chatting, it also features a ton of features which make using this app exciting and fun.

WebEx meetings

The ultimate app for video conferencing and chatting for big businesses



  • Great quality video conferencing
  • good in terms of response and UI
  • Good security and easy to share screens


  • Expensive pricing for pro features

Quick review

WebEx meetings is a good app for both small businesses and big businesses. It also provide outlook integration and ton of features which make it professional. So if you are planning to buy it, your money is definitely worth it.


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