9 Best Skills to learn in free time 2020

Finally decided that you are going to utilise your free time to learn something new and improve yourself, But unable to think What to learn ?

If this is true then you don’t need to worry, We are here to assist you in finding your natural talent.So,without wasting your much of your free time,Lets jump on to our list of skills to learn in free time –

Read and write books

skills to learn in free time

Probably the most common way to utilise time in a efficient way since ancient times is through reading and writing.Not only Literature increases your cognitive abilities but it also helps to shape your character.

So, If you finally have some free time , Spend a portion on it in reading books or writing one ( If you are talented ). Also, Reading or writing can be made a pre bed activity as your brain functions the most at Night according to a research.

Apart from all these, It also increase your vocabulary and overall helps to maintain good relationships with other and can make you highlighted in those night parties. ( so never underestimate reading ) .

Learn to cook

learn to cook

Probably the best skill to learn so far, Don’t ever think that cooking is an mediocre skill or is only limited to females . It is the best survival skill you will ever need. Apart from being bear grylls ( survival specialist ) , if you ever got transferred to a new place and you did’t get a partner, I can tell that you are going to suffer .

It is not just mine point of view but ask anyone who lives outside their hometown and doesn’t know to cook. According to some research , Cooking is also shown to relieve stress and depression, So if your boss fired you, or your girlfriend cheated on you , Just go to the kitchen!

Also it is one of the best skills to learn in free time too.

Learn Music

learn music

I know that you already thought about that and if so you can skip this point. But if not then read it carefully and decide . Before telling you to simply learn music just like everyone else, I will put my point of view as a Musician.

I know Learning music sounds cool and profitable but don’t think that it is an easy skill to master and will instantly give your results, You will require some dedication towards music and a hell lot of patience before you dive into it, Because It is a very hard and deep subject . For instance – you want to learn guitar , you joined a course putting a lot of money in buying a guitar , then when you start practicing it , you will feel boring and will quit .

This case is true for 90% of people who aspire to learn guitar.So, my advice to you will be to borrow someone else’s instrument first before diving straight into music and do so just not to look cool but if really have interest in music .

Apart from music being a hard skill , I can personally tell you that it pays off being a musician in future and is really worth your time .

Build your online presence

skills to learn in free time

You can optimise your free time by building a cool instagram page or a Big youtube channel. Doing so you will develop your productivity and online skills which are of great value nowadays .

Also if you become successful in doing these things , You can also expect passive income flowing in your pockets which can make you rich.

Write blogs


Writing blogs is also a good way to enhance your writing skills and vocabulary. At the same time it can put Money in your pocket, Also we are bloggers ourselves so we are definitely going to suggest you these.

But for becoming a blogger, You need to develop patience and have to write only if you have passion in writing or you might lose your motivation and eventually your blog will die.Consistency matters a lot in the business of blogging.

Learn martial arts

martial arts

If you like watching those kung fu movies and always wanted to become a karate warrior. You can do it now in your free time. 2 hours a day is Enough to learn martial arts so don’t just keep excusing that i don’t have the time.

Learning martial arts could benefit both you physique and mentality and can make you calm and patient at same time its fun too.Therefore you should give it a try.

Learn Coding


Coding or programming is one of the most demanded skills in the market right now, Not only this, It also gives you freedom to create your own things with your computer which you always wished to create.

Even Stephen Hawking said that every human being must know basics of programming as we are living in a technical age. So learning to code is also a great choice if you got nothing to do at home.

My choice would be to start with python as it is easier and has a lot of scope nowadays. here is a link to its official website

Research on your favourite topics


Researching is also a skill which improves the more you use it. If you got free time and want to develop some skills without wishing to learn the basics, This is the best fit for you.

Just Open Google or bing, Then just type in whatever you wanna know about( try mythology or business if you got nothing ) and note the most interesting facts in a notebook and try to relate between all the data you found, Trust me its fun.

Increase your taste in art

taste in art

If you wish to increase your creativity and imagination, you can do so by holding the paint brushes or putting on your dance moves. Studies include that painting and drawings increase your cognitive abilites and dancing improves your physique and knowledge of rhythm too.

Doing them can drastically decrease your stress levels and ensure that you will become more creative with your ideas in the long term.

If you find that hard,then just search for some paintings of some popular artists and try to find the message the artists try to hide in them, This is also a interesting way to increase your interest in art and will also develop your intellectual skills .


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