8 Fundamental steps to become a pro gamer

If you’re a die heart gamer who is deeply into the gaming and want to become more professional at your craft then you have to pay a little attention to this blog.

We are here for you with a list of things you should apply to become a pro gamer.


That’s the thing which you need more, even if you’re having the best gaming gear and you’re a pro gamer (aaahh, that’s not possible without practicing).Practicing is must which will make you stick to high scores consistently during esports.

If you are getting sudden headshot by enemy players, don’t just assume that you are a noob and can’t try much further, Have that self- respect and next time you must try to shot them with focus. Remember gamers don’t die, they respawn.

how to become a pro gamer


Having the right gear is equally as important as having a strong sword in a battle.

That’s the most important thing which you needed when you want to become a master at gaming, and if you’re in the field of competitive gaming that’s what matters the most. As for example, you’re in competitive game and your opponent is same as your level but the only difference is that you both have different gears and as a result the one with best gears is going to win. I’m not telling you to go and buy expensive gaming setups and gizmos without even knowing the basics of the game. But The thing is that it really matters.

Suppose you have a 60hz monitor and the opponent has a 240hz monitor ( nearly 4 times better than yours ) , So , In case of seeing things clearly, Think yourself , who can see things more clearly and snipe better headshots.

60hz vs 240hz

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This point is something necessary a gamer needs to know is that he should try to learn all the roles in the game for mastering a game fully but not in depth, as for example- take pubg, if you’re a assaulter in the game there are also other roles like snipping or defence, then sometimes you should try sniping also, just for learning the basics that will definitely help you in mastering the game of your choice and eventually become a pro gamer.

Try to be all-rounder and learn all the roles in the game- but not in depth.


During hardcore competitive gaming, Turn off email software on your PC and turn your mobile phone to silent or just switch it off. Close the doors of your room and with a fresh mind sit and start playing game. When you’re in the game just keep your focus there and avoid everything except the game. These small things do matter to become a pro gamer.


Keep focusing and become a better player.


Watch tutorials from every platform and Try to learn from better players and then apply the tips and tricks that you have learned in the game. Watch professional gamers and full-time streamers play your game, watch professional streams.

You should also record your gameplays to review your work and identify mistakes, because that’s the thing which will help to know your weak points and don’t repeat the same mistakes in the next game. Watch/analyze replays.

For this I suggest you to join twitch which is specially designed for the ones you wants to show off there skills and for newcomers to learn get some help by seeing other players Livestreams. You can ask them questions about the game.

pro gamers

I suggest you to view the Live streams of the pro gamers with less numbers of view count because if there are less people they can reply to you as fast as possible.

[6] Be healthy coz health is wealth even in games.

If you’re a gamer and an aspiring pro gamer, the most important thing is to keep your body fine because if you’re in any competitive games the most important thing is your reflex that in how much time did you response to your enemies and for this a good reflex is what you need the most. Keep up a good health because esports is just like any other sport in that regard your mind should be active to respond suddenly.

As there are many professional teams they sometimes skip some tournament, In order to relax themselves.

And there are some problems which are attached with gaming like obesity and hypertension, so sometimes you should take some time out for exercising and relaxing.

Take regular breaks to avoid burning out or harming your body.

gamer getting angry

Here is an article on effects of excessive gaming on your brain


That is something which can make you a pro gamer and can highlight you in the gaming society by joining or creating a club or team with your local best players around you as someone said “there’s strength in number”.

You should befriend players that are better than you and play with them and learn from them, ask them questions and to guide you.

Find online communities for your game and soak up their resources. you can find such communities specially dedicated to your games on Tumblr.

gaming community

Communication/team play is something which can make you more concentrated in the game because it will help you to interact with other players in your team and will increase the sense of togetherness in the players. Pro gamers never rush alone and always aim to become a team player. Read this article on growing a gaming community

Have a mentor. This is necessary for All the professional gaming clubs to have a mentor which will lead them and will correct their mistake because as we know if we’ll put a a group of best players together they will play with their own intentions and if they lost they will blame each other, so it necessary to have a mentor because everyone will listen to him and will find your mistakes.


Gaming is a emotion for hardcore gamers like us. And if you’re a gamer you should have some gamer spirit that includes some point like:

avoid blaming the game when you make a mistake- that’s what all the gamers do whenever we’ll lost any match. The mistakes was never done by us Everytime the mistakes was done by the game. You have to admit your mistakes because if you’ll keep blaming the game for all your mistakes you will never gonna make it right and will Never able to correct it. Remember, pro gamers never blame others, they make their own way to the top.

Avoid cheating or using mods to avoid getting banned- don’t ever try to hack the game because it will never gonna take you anywhere, you’ll keep believing yourself as a pro player but aren’t, so just play the game with your own mind and win it with your own hustle.

Also you should never use explicts in the game or try to offend any other players in the game or insult anyone because this can offend other players which will lead to reporting your gamer id by other players. Cheating and using exploits both can get you banned.

“Just try-try and don’t cry”, This is what that seperate noobs from pro gamers.

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