8 evergreen Fashion tips for teenage guys

Hey young blood, so you want to look coolest in the school and then you have to dress cool (feeling sorry for the guys who have uniforms in their schools), we know that in this age you don’t have a source of income(like us) and mostly depends on your parents for everything.

So we’ll be telling you some of the necessary fashion tips to follow to look more cooler and dope in your simple outfits.

Warning: your friends are going to become your enemies after seeing the new you, be careful.

Here in this blog we’ll be discussing about every fashion and style tips for teen’s from tip to toe and if you’re older than this you can also apply this fashion tips for yourself if you like to do experiment to your style.

Let’s start… our list of fashion tips for teenage guys


If you’re a simple kid who goes to school every day you need to invest in basic t-shirts that aren’t gonna break the bank, don’t go for logos if your bank balance is low.

You should get a nice solid t-shirts, and for denims get yourself a well-fitted, skinny and tapered jeans and if your bank balance is fine, get yourself a dark denim that are of high quality that are gonna last you for years.

And the Main thing that matters if you’re a teen is that you should think about your growth and shouldn’t invest too much in your clothing because you know that they gonna become small by the coming years and will never gonna able to wear them again.

And one pro tip from my side is that you should buy more t-shirts without graphics on them because if you’re having plain t-shirts you can wear them again and again and your friends never gonna recognize that you’re wearing the same Tee’s for a long time( but don’t wear the back to back) for this in my opinion you should buy basic Tee’s from h&m, forever 21 and Zara.

fashion tips for teenage guys

So, invest in basics that you can wear again and again.


Outwear is the most important part of your clothing as this adds more perfection to your clothing that why you should go for some out wears.

Now one thing that I think every teen should have is a cool denim jacket. Denim jackets have been around forever and I don’t see them going away anytime soon. So a nice denim jacket will definitely definitely get your money’s worth and instantly upgrade style and make you look hot and I more good thing about them is that they are versatile you can wear them anytime.

And in my opinion get a washed black or a true black denim jacket and if you want to add more colors to your wardrobe then buy a indigo denim jacket.

8 evergreen Fashion tips for teenage guys 1
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8 evergreen Fashion tips for teenage guys 2

The next type of out wear you can have is to buy a bomber jacket that will be going to add more value to your clothing. If you feel there is cold outside that’s the day to wear it, pair it with a plain t-shirt or you can pair them with a hoodie also to keep you more warm.

8 evergreen Fashion tips for teenage guys 3
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8 evergreen Fashion tips for teenage guys 4

And the other type of outwear for you is a basic hoodie that will get you comfortable with adding more Worth to your style if you some lazy kind of person.

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And if you’re a school going kid and wants to look more stylish then get a flannel that will definitely suit you with your school fashion, you can pair them with a plain with or black T-shirt.


Hairstyle is the thing which will make you different from the crowd. Also this is the time of your life that you should enjoy by having different hairstyles because time flies and you will regret it at age 35 when your hairs will start to fall that you spend your whole youth age with that boring haircut that your mother wanted you to have.

8 evergreen Fashion tips for teenage guys 7

So the first step of exploring many haircuts the thing that you need to do is to let your hair grow because short hairs limits the amount of hairstyles you can have.

But in this also you have to take care of your hairs so they will last long. So take proper care of your hairs avoid the use of many hair products because they can damage your hairs, sampoo your hairs twice or trice a week and if you want to, you can use conditioners everyday.

If you go to school you should choose a hairstyle which is not too messy nor too perfect because if your hairs will be too messy that will make you look dirty and if your hairstyle is too perfect that will make people think that you’re trying too hard.

You can find good boy haircuts at hairstylesvip or haircutinspiration .


Keep upgrading your style every year that will astonish everyone that “I saw that person yesterday, and now he is looking totally different”. And as you know the trend changes Everytime the new type of fashion appears every year so get yourself something that doesn’t changes Everytime with the season.

And I cannot explain this topic too much because there is not something big to be noticed, you can understand it, just keep upgrading your fashion.


As you know there is some trend that comes every season of the year. Because you didn’t have your own income that you should buy every trendy clothes that come in every season like for summer,winter, spring, autumn etc.

Instead of this you should invest in basics that you can wear again and again. Don’t spend too much on trends because trends come and go. You can notice that the trendy clothes that came last year are not in relevance till now and you can’t see any person wearing that which you saw in the past years.

But you can get something trendy and little bit pricey means just get at least one hyped item like Yeezy shoes.

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8 evergreen Fashion tips for teenage guys 9


The shoes, this is something which completes your outfit, and in this part of your outfit there is a vast variety of pieces which are really just bomb. This is also something important because when someone notices you the first thing that they notice is your shoes.

So it is important to clean your shoes and make them look shiny everytime when you go out. If you’re wearing any sneakers the thing which you have to care about is your Denims that they should not be baggy because that will completely destroy your style. Instead get yourself a tailored Denims if trousers.

In my opinion you must have three types of shoes 1. Formal shoes 2. Casual sneakers 3. Sports shoes. And it is important to wear the right type of shoes at the right moment and if not you’re going to ruin your style.

So just go and get some decent sneakers like Stan Smith’s or Chuck Taylors.


Accessories is something that adds texture to your clothing so it is important for you teen’s to get some accessories like glasses, sunglasses, a watch, hats, cologne because these things won’t really be affected by your changing body and you’re gonna be able to keep them through the years to come.

click here If you want some summer fashion tips specifically for guys

8 evergreen Fashion tips for teenage guys 11


The things which you have to do to fill your life with more happiness is that don’t listen to haters because when you will be dressed well and looking well there will be people to criticize you for your style but trust me when you’re following my fashion tips you’re on the right path and you if anyone is saying anything bad you just don’t give a shit to them until you feel something is wrong.

Everyone has haters most of the celebrities, sportsperson etc. But if have listened to their haters they will not be where they are now, even we have haters but we don’t care. So like us just don’t care if someone is pointing on your fashion because it’s pointless.

At last I just want to tell you the most important point that grooming is key means keep yourself neat and clean, be hygienic, dress well in every situation, and be nice to everyone because that’s the thing which will make you beautiful.

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