7 Best gaming PC’s till 2020

Hey gamers , maybe we all are struggling to get our hands on some of the most awesome gaming gear ever made but that’s when money kicks in .

In this post , I will set the budget to not more than $5000 and will present you some of the best gaming PC’s (desktop ones) as of 2020 along with their prices . So, Let’s start…

Alienware aurora r10

Price around $1400 - $4300

Also called the alienware aurora ryzen edition , fueled by the One for all amd ryzen 9 3950x and nvidia RTX 2080ti 11gb , This beast can run most AAA+ games in pure 4k at ease .

With 2 tb hdd and upto 512 gb ssd , This beast will fill all your storage needs at its fingertips . If you are rich enough and looking for a gaming beast , then this one is the best fit for you .

The Rgb lights too Add a rich and elegant look which makes it one the best gaming pcs even in looks, along with that Noise and heat is also not that much.

alienware aurora r10

Asus Rog huracan G21

Price around $2800

The airflow , Chasis and the Asymmetric design is unlike anything else in the planet , Powered by Intel i9 – 9900K , and the nvidia Geforce RTX 2080 , This Gaming pc will rip apart anything at its way .

The best feature is that it has a magnetic secured Cover which can be opened in case Your pc gets too overheated . You can easily upgrade this pc and its part without thinking about affecting any warranty.

Although This PC is a terrible beast but some people reviewed that The noise is actually terrible when you open its Right cover to release the heat .

rog huracan g21

Cyberpower gamer Infinity XLC

Price around $2500

Powered by the nvidia RTX 2080ti ( one of the most powerful graphics card till date ) , the Intel i9 9900K and Asus prime Motherboard . This cyberpower pc is the ultimate gaming rig for both 4k and VR gaming . Cooled by the cyberpowerpc DeepCool technology , It is fit for hours of gaming .

Don’t Panic that they will provide prebuilt pc , Because they are also giving warranty and lifetime technical support , so if you have saved money for a gaming pc and are serious about gaming , This can also be the love you are looking for .

HP omen Obelisk

price around $800 - $2000

Powered by the intel Core i7 processor ( The second most powerful intel processor ) and nvidia Geforce RTX 2080 graphics , It is One of the best from HP . It is a Cheap but powerful pack from HP . This PC is the best option if you are running low on budget and want to avoid The dangers of prebuilt pc .

One of the most excellent features is the cooling system , even though the design is not as good , Looks don’t matter till you are getting RAW power .

hp omen obelisk

MSI trident x

Price around $2300

It is one of the most compact Gaming desktops ever made which MSI claims to be around 10 liters in size . Don’t get fooled by it’s size as, It also has the power of Intel I9 9900k and Nvidia Geforce RTX 2080ti .

Apart from its specs , It has a gorgeous design and Beautiful tempered glass side panel , making it perfectly balanced in power and looks . The LED lights also look Totally worth your money . The design also allows good airflow Thus results in better cooling and more hours of high intensity gaming .

7 best gaming pc's till 2020

SkyTech Supremacy

Price around $3200

SkyTech supremacy comes with a full future proof specs , Powered by The amd Ryzen 7 2700x – 8 core Cpu , X470 Motherboard with Sli compability , and the Best in class Nvidia RTX 2080ti graphics card .

You can also buy it using EMI option at around $150 a month , Apart from performance , it also has some cool rgb lights and tempered glass case which makes it even more Cooler . If you are a diehard gamer and struggling for FPS , then this beast can handle your 1440p monitor with ease .

skytech supremacy

Maingear r1 Razer edition

Price starting from $1299 - $5000 +

Last but not the least , Don’t ever think to understimate it because it is one of the best gaming pc, you can ever possibly possess . Maingear features Selection of parts from both intel and amd .

You can also choose your graphics card model from both nvidia and amd. Aircooling solution and all the parts are top notch plus the iconic design with razer logo , making it both the beauty and the beast .

7 best gaming pc's till 2020

If you also wish to own any one of these , tell me in the comments, With the best gaming pcs you will also need the best and the most demanding games ,Here is the list of them also – click here

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