17 Legendary Must-watch anime movies

Hey readers, Welcome to the trendbusters . Talking about anime, It is an obvious fact that every one of us who ever watched anime, seriously loves it and the more we watch, the more anime we need.

The best anime movies are not known just for their stories but also for their beautiful visuals and mind resolving art too. Therefore to feed your hunger with the best quality of anime movies , We have prepared a list of the best anime movies you can ever watch.

The best anime movies in order are –

  1. Your name
  2. Weathering with you
  3. The wind rises
  4. A silent voice
  5. Princess monnonoke
  6. Spirited away
  7. 5 centimetres per second
  8. Grave of the fireflies
  9. Akira
  10. Children who chase lost Voices
  11. My neighbor totoro
  12. Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind
  13. Kiki’s delivery service
  14. Ninja scroll
  15. Perfect blue
  16. Paprika
  17. Sword of the stranger

1.Your name

Starting off with best and most recommended to watch by many watchers. This anime seems to combine real life with art. Not only It’s story is unique, It also connects ancient beliefs with the modern world. I will 100% recommend you to watch this masterpiece .

your name

Your name plot –

Mitsuha is the daughter of the mayor of a small mountain town. She’s a straightforward high school girl who lives with her sister and her grandmother and has no qualms about letting it be known that she’s uninterested in Shinto rituals or helping her father’s electoral campaign.

Instead she dreams of leaving the boring town and trying her luck in Tokyo. Taki is a high school boy in Tokyo who works part-time in an Italian restaurant and aspires to become an architect or an artist. Every night he has a strange dream where he becomes…a high school girl in a small mountain town.

The Film is directed by Makoto shinkai and has a global box office collection of over $359.9 million US dollars making your name the highest grossing anime film of all time.

2. Weathering with you

Weathering with you is another masterpiece directed by Makoto shinkai with a global box office collection of around $200 million USD. It combines an epic soundtrack with beautiful visuals making it kind of exciting to watch.

weathering with you

Weathering with you plot –

Hodaka,a high school student, runs away from his remote island home to Tokyo, and quickly finds himself pushed to his financial and personal limits. The weather is unusually gloomy and rainy every day, as if to suggest his future. He lives his days in isolation, but finally finds work as a writer for a mysterious occult magazine. Then one day, Hodaka meets Hina on a busy street corner. This bright and strong-willed girl possesses a strange and wonderful ability: the power to stop the rain and clear the sky.

The story is an epic romance with a little fantasy involved making a perfect combo for “your name” lovers.

3.The wind rises

It is the last and one of the best feature films directed by the legendary director and film maker of studio ghibli “Hayao Miyazaki”. The film is a motivation worldwide to many engineers therefore if you too aspire to become an engineer, This is a must watch for you.

the wind rises - one of the best anime movies

The wind rises plot –

The film is a fictionalized biopic of a great japanese aviation engineer “Jiro Horikoshi” whose work is of great importance to the Japanese empire during the world war 2. The film starts showing young Jiro being inspired by marconi and he starts dreaming about being a pilot but was unable to become due to his weak eyesight. Later, he develops interest in engineering and joins The Mitsubishi motors to design war aircrafts for the japanese army.

He was the man behind the deadly A6M fighter planes during the world war 2 which gives it another reason to become one of the best anime movies ever.

4. A silent voice

The film exceptionally depicts school life and adult life mixing the odd realities of life. The anime film is great for those who loves to watch good films which means obviously to everyone. It is rated as well as 8.2 on IMdb even after 3 years so you can trust what i am writing.

a silent voice - one of the best anime movies

A silent voice plot –

The anime movie follows the story of “shoya – a mid grade student bully” and shouko – a girl with hearing and speaking disabilities . The story begins showing how mercilessly shoya bullies shouka and destroys her expenisve hearing devices, an act which he later Regrets in future. Later, he tries to connect with shouka .

5. Princess Mononoke

This film is another legendary anime movie by “Hayao Miyazaki” of studio ghibli. It is one of the highest grossing films of 1990s anime movies. The mononoke in princess mononoke isn’t a name of a actual princess but is referred to something supernatural or monster, But that sure doesn’t matter because there is also a human princess in the movie as well.

princess mononoke

Princess mononoke plot –

The film is set on medieval japan (around 14th Century) and depicts the brave story of a warrior prince – ashitaka who tries to stop the humans from disturbing the natural balance between them and animals . He eventually gets cursed in the process and had to leave his kingdom . Later he proves his loyalty to the animal kingdoms and save the forests from being destroyed .

6. Spirited away

Again directed by “Hayao Miyazaki“, It is considered one of the best and most legendary anime film ever made. It is also one of the highest grossing anime films of all time crossing the $300 Million dollars mark.

spirited away

Spirited away plot –

In this anime film, a 10 year old Chihiro (Rumi Hiiragi) and her parents (Takashi Naitô, Yasuko Sawaguchi) stumble upon a seemingly abandoned entertainment park. After her mother and father are turned into pigs, Chihiro meets the mysterious Haku , who explains that the park is a resort for non-humanly beings with extraordinary powers who need a break from their time spent in the earth realm, and that chihiro must work there to free herself and her parents.

7. 5 centimetres per second

It is one of Makoto Shinkai’s early works and a kind of emotional movie as the name already suggests. It is the kind of film which you will want to watch after tired work hours during bedtime with your favourite partner. Unlike other films discussed earlier, It is the most realistic and logical one. This movie ends up very sadly and explains a lot of harsh realities of life. It is also available on youtube to watch for free.

5 centimetres per second

5 centimetres per second plot –

Takaki and Akari, two very close friends and classmates, attended elementary school together. One day, they cannot be together anymore because of Akari’s family. Their plans to attend the same middle school are now shattered. The two continue to keep in touch via e-mails. However, as time goes by, the gap between the two grows wider and wider, making the possibility for them to meet again almost impossible. Then as their distance grew even further, Takaki decides to meet Akari, one last time.

8. Grave of the fireflies

It is a Studio Ghibli film set during the times of post World war 2 Japan. The film is about survival of two siblings, Who are seperated from others due to the american firebombings . The film posses good visuals and describes the post world war 2 Japan when the empire starts falling and their is destruction nearly everywhere. The film has touched hearts of millions of people around the globe due to its epic storytelling.

grave of the fireflies

Grave of the fireflies plot –

Setsuko (aged 4) and Seita (aged 14) are brother and sister living in wartime Japan. After their mother is killed in an air raid they find a temporary home with relatives. Having quarreled with their aunt they leave the city and make their home in an abandoned shelter. While their soldier father’s destiny is unknown, the two must depend on each other to somehow keep a roof over their heads and food in their stomachs. When everything is in short supply, they gradually succumb to hunger and their only entertainment is the light of the fireflies.

9. Akira

This legendary anime movie led the foundation for many sci-fi movies like the matrix, looper and games like the cyberpunk 2077 . Being the fact that released in 1980s era, This movie takes a far jump into the future and is even able to predict some things right.


There are many legendary predictions like rightly predicting about the 2020s Tokyo olympics and even the cancellation of tokyo olympics which is absolutely true. Its director Katsuhiro Otomo has just released a remastered 4k version of this movie.

Akira plot –

2019 – 31 years after being destroyed during World War 3 (that took place in 1988), Tokyo (now ‘Neo-Tokyo’) has been rebuilt and is a thriving metropolis. Shotaro Kaneda is the leader of a biker gang. His friend Tetsuo is injured in an accident and taken to a top-secret government facility. He develops telekinetic powers but decides to use them for evil rather than good. He has the same powers as Akira, the force that destroyed Tokyo in 1988, and now it appears that history will repeat itself.

10. Children who chase lost voices

Title might sound like a children’s movie, But trust me it ain’t. This anime movie covers a whole lot of subjects from Hidden land to Flying Vimanas to Rebirth making it a whole lot of interesting. Plus, It also contains a lot of twists and good characters making it Worth your time. Though some people might call it boring, i personally like this movie.

children who chase lost Voices

Children who chase lost voices plot –

The movie revolves around a young girl named -Asuna, who spends her free days listening to the mysterious music resonating from a crystal radio she received from her late father as a memento. One day while walking home she is attacked by a fearsome monster and saved by a mysterious boy named Shun. However, Shun disappears and Asuna embarks on a journey of adventure to the land of Agartha with her teacher Mr. Morisaki to meet a Shun again. Through her journey she comes to know the cruelty and beauty of the world, as well as loss .

11. My neighbour totoro

It is a 1988 film directed by Hayao Miyazaki and considered one of the masterpieces of Hayao Miyazaki. This film takes you into a whole new world, a world you don’t want to come back from. It covers spirituality and reality and minces it with fantasy making it one of the best anime movies ever made.

my neighbour totoro

My neighbour totoro plot –

Two young girls, 10-year-old Satsuki and her 4-year-old sister Mei, move into a house in the country with their father to be closer to their hospitalized mother. Satsuki and Mei discover that the nearby forest is inhabited by magical creatures called Totoros (pronounced toe-toe-ro). They soon befriend these Totoros, and have several magical adventures. The plot might sound boring, but trust me, you actually have to watch this movie first.

12. Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind

This is also a futuristic film like akira set 1000 years from now, Where the earth is badly ruined by pollution and war. This film also depicts about harsh conditions created by pollution binding it with an epic romance making it both fun to watch and useful to watch at the same time. Also, the awesome science fiction actually makes it kind of fun to watch.

nausicaa of the valley of the wind

Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind plot –

In the far future, a thousand years after a nuclear war left the Earth as a nuclear holocaust with humanity surviving in pockets. The Valley of the Wind, a small kingdom ruled by King Jil struggles for survival as the community tries to defend the Valley from gigantic insects and toxic plants that live beyond the Valley in the Sea of Decay.

while Jil’s daughter and heiress to the throne, Princess Nausicaä tries to understand and feels it is wrong to destroy the toxic jungle. The Valley is attacked by the Tolmekian people who plan to destroy the Sea of Decay by using the greatest warriors that started the holocaust. With everything at stake, Nausicaä unites with the Ohmus and set out to the Valley and foil the Tolmekians plan of unleashing the Great Warrior which will start another holocaust.

13. Kiki’s delivery service

An epic from Hayao Miyazaki (I know you have remembered the name well) This anime movie is about a magic and witches (sounds cool) Which Opens an air courier service. Also, the concept of flying broomsticks originated from this movie, So sorry harry potter fans. The concept of this film greatly seperates from other movies making it kind of unique to watch.

kiki's delivery service

Kiki’s delivery service plot –

Kiki, a teenage witch-in-training, has reached the age of 13. According to tradition, all witches of that age must leave home for one year, so that they can learn how to live on their own. Kiki, along with her talking cat Jiji, fly away to live in the seaside town of Koriko. After starting her own delivery service (using her broom as the delivery vehicle), Kiki must learn how to deal with her new life, especially after she loses the power to fly.

14. Ninja scroll

Coming to ninja scroll, As the name suggests, This movie is about ninja’s and all that traditional Japanese stuff which makes it really cool. This movie also combines action with romance which is the fuel for most of the movies today.

ninja scroll

Ninja scroll plot –

All the people of the town of Shimoda have been killed by a plague. The local government, the Togugawa clan, send a team of ninjas to investigate but all but one of them are wiped out by mysterious forces. The only survivor is a woman, Kagero, who is taken prisoner. A samurai mercenary, Jubei, rescues her but his interest in her mission and cause is temporary.

15. Perfect blue

If you are a fan of horror films, Then this is the best the world of anime can offer you. The films is an iconic psychological horror movie by the great Satoshi Kon, and marked his directorial debut. Also, This movie is hailed as one of the most important anime movies ever made, So It’s definitely worth your time.

best anime movies - perfect blue

Perfect blue plot –

Encouraged by her manager, Rumi, the lead singer of the successful J-Pop group, “CHAM!”, and teen idol, Mima Kirigoe, decides to quit her bubblegum trio to pursue an acting career in the television soap, “Double Bind”. However, her bold choice doesn’t sit well with the young band’s male admirers, especially the unknown die-hard fan who starts posting insidious threats and disturbingly intimate information about Mima’s life on her blog–entries Mima swears aren’t hers.

Now, all those who talked Mima into embracing her “bad girl” persona end up brutally murdered, and a menacing doppelgänger harasses her. Is this strange and dangerous situation merely a palpable delusion, or is Mima, indeed, being stalked by a violent killer?

16. Paprika

It is also a Japanese pyschological thriller and science fiction directed by Satoshi kon. Fun fact is The great movie Inception (one of the best hollywood movies) is actually inspired from this movie’s concept of Doctor entering Patients dreams, So If you are an inception fan, It is then mandotary for you to watch this. Though some parts is tedious to watch, It is overall an interesting movie.


Paprika plot –

In this Japanese anime epic, humanity’s last bastion of privacy has finally been infiltrated by technology, the world of our dreams. The story centers on a new invention called the DC-Mini. With this revolutionary device, psychiatrists are now able to enter a patient’s dreams in a therapeutic setting. But when an unknown assailant steals all of the devices, using them to enter peoples minds enacting mind control, chaos ensues as dreams begin to bleed into reality, and the thin line between the conscious and the unconscious begins to blur.

A young female researcher named Chiba, who takes it upon herself to delve into the newly anarchic dream world in order to set things straight. In this surreal realm her name is Paprika, and she’s out to save the world. Bursting with fantastic imagery and breathtakingly innovative animation.

17. Sword of the stranger

The film is set in Ancient Japan and consists of some breathtaking animation fused with an epic storyline. The film posses an IMdb rating of whopping 8.3 which is whopping huge. This film has also won many awards worldwide which gives you another reason to watch it. From epic swordfights to cool emotional scenes, this movie has it all.

sword of the stranger

Sword of the stranger plot –

A young boy and his dog find themselves the target of the Ming: a foreign dynasty that will stop at nothing. One day, a quiet and solemn warrior crosses their path, and becomes irrevocably connected with the two. A deal is struck and the warrior agrees to take the boy to a remote, Buddhist temple, where a kind monk is waiting to care for him and the dog. Unfortunately, the Ming have sent their elite, and they will test their strength, courage, and quality every step of the way.


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